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  • Fat Carbon "Snow Fire"
  • Fat Carbon Snow Fire



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“Snow Fire” is a carbon fiber composite that captivates with its harmonious blend of tranquil snow-white hues and fiery red tones. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of winter landscapes and the dynamic energy of fire, “Snow Fire” offers more than just visual appeal—it embodies resilience, courage, and the enduring beauty of nature’s contrasts.
Crafted with meticulous precision, “Snow Fire” boasts a lightweight construction and versatile machinability, making it perfect for crafting a wide range of products, from knife handles to jewelry. With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and:

𑇑 Superior resistance to temperatures up to 120°C.
𑇑 Excellent machining properties for drilling, milling, and grinding using manual and CNC machines.
𑇑 “Snow Fire” ensures both durability and aesthetic excellence.

Experience the allure of nature in your designs with “Snow Fire.” Embrace the unique sensation of contrasting forces and discover a material that ignites inspiration in every creation.



The possibilities are endless...

  • Knife making. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for knife scales, liners, or handle inlays, easily shaped with a belt sander or CNC mill/router equipped with a carbide tool.
  • Jewelry. Modern jewelers admire carbon fiber for its shimmering effect in sunlight.
  • Watchmaking. Watertight Fat carbon composites serve as an ideal base for watch cases, offering lightweight (2.1 g/cm3) and lifetime durability.
  • Decorative. The extensive range of Fat carbon blocks and sheet sizes provides endless possibilities for composite applications.
  • Musical instrument manufacturing. Carbon fiber’s superior stiffness and torsional stability enable the production of lighter and stiffer stringed instruments.
  • Architecture and interior design. Colored carbon fiber sheets are excellent for enhancing both space efficiency and aesthetics in interior design projects.