About Us


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Who we are?

FAT Carbon Materials was founded in 2019, in Lithuania city Utena.  Founder and composite engineer Ovidijus Jučius turned his passion into production of unseen, unique and widely applicable materials. Working together with a team of experts, FAT Carbon Materials creates the most exceptional production for artists and manufacturers, that turns these materials into exquisite jewelry, interior design parts, knifes and many other extraordinary things.

Creation comes from around

Inspiration and ideas to create these marvelous unique materials as well as their names comes from the nature and the endless space.  FAT Carbon offers several production categories that can satisfy every customer needs. By getting familiar with our production, clients not only see the eye-catching colors and patterns, but also are presented with some fascinating facts and short stories about each of our materials, that, we hope, will remain in everyone’s memory.

Communication and Care

We are keen to respond to our client needs and we are more than happy to fulfill all our and client projects with care and huge responsibility. We are much focused to understand and ensure, that every message and feedback is answered with care and even minor details are aligned. We truly listen to our customer needs, make them our main goal, and implement every project to offer our clients unforgettable experience. Our customers feedback is the thing, that makes us grow! It allows us to collaborate closely and to search for continuous improvement on our existing products and creation of new patters. Our clients are our biggest motivator. We seek to provide them with products that has unique look, are strong, resistant to heat and cold, has excellent machining properties and would meet other criteria as color, pattern, dimensions.

We care about nature

We seek for sustainability! Renewable energy is used to make all our materials. We choose to use clean energy coming from natural sources like the sun and the wind. This way ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emission, is not polluting air, not producing carbon dioxide or any other harmful products causing environmental degradation. Another thing, that we do about care of our nature is eco-friendly packaging. We use only recycled boxes and paper, and we continuously implement 4R’s system – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink!