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CARBON FIBER “Space Coral”


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CARBON FIBER "Space Coral"

We are immensely proud of this composite “Space coral” not only because every piece of it is unique as our fingerprint but also that the name came from our Instagram followers.
There are 3 main ingredients in this composite: Carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and copper, all are cured under high pressure and heat resulting in unique patterns, which is perfect for many design applications, from knife scales to jewelry ring inserts and much more.

  • Even visual through the entire thickness
  • Excellent machining properties for drilling, milling, grinding, sanding.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids.
  • It can be polished to high gloss or lacquer coated.
  • Available in blocks up to 50mm (2″) thick.


Space coal Stainless Steel

Space Coral Stainless steel version contains steel which gives sparkling silver color between each layer of carbon fiber.