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  • colored carbon fiber nebula
  • colored carbon fiber nebula



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“Our “Nebula” carbon fiber composite is inspired by the beauty and mystery of distant galaxies and nebulas. The Veil Nebula, a large supernova remnant, serves as the inspiration for this product, which boasts an aesthetic look throughout its thickness. In addition to its visual appeal, “Nebula” offers excellent machining properties for drilling, milling, and grinding, making it suitable for use with both manual and CNC machines. It is also resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents, oils, greases, and weak acids, and can be polished, painted, or lacquer coated to suit various applications. The colored carbon fiber sheet features a tri-color scheme between each layer of carbon fiber, and is available in blocks up to 50mm thick. Whether you’re looking for a functional material with a unique look or a visually striking product with practical applications, “Nebula” has you covered.”


Applications of Fat Carbon "Nebula"

  • Knifemaking. Excellent material for knife scales, liners, or knife handle inlays, easy to shape on a belt sander and the CNC mill/router with a carbide tool
  • Pocket art. Due to Carbon fiber’s lightweight and famous shimmering effect, perfect as a base material for modern jewelers and artists.
  •  Watchmaking. Watertight Fatcarbon composites are a perfect base for watch cases, which will offer not only aesthetics but also lightweight (2.1g/cm3), and durability of the lifetime.
  • Decorative. A vast range of Fatcarbon blocks and sheet sizes give our composites endless possibilities.

and much more…

Picture: Randy Wirtz