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CARBON FIBER “Jungle Wear”

Colored carbon fiber sheet Fatcarbon “Jungle wear”


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CARBON FIBER "Jungle Wear"

The “Jungle wear” expoxy/carbon fiber composite was inspired by the dream of protecting as well as ensuring the flourishing of our planet’s lungs – the rainforest. Rainforests generate about 20% of the world’s oxygen, and their trees play a crucial role in reducing pollution levels. Did you know that all of our composites are made using only renewable energy sources? They, along with our passion for design and concern for durability, are harnessed to produce a product that’s light in weight, high in stiffness and dimensional stability, corrosion-resistant as well as distinctly beautiful.

  • Same look on all depth levels
  • Excellent machining properties for drilling, milling, grinding.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids.
  • It can be polished, painted, or clear-coated.
  • The colored carbon fiber sheet features two tones of green color between each layer of carbon fiber which is only 0.2mm thick.
  • Available in blocks up to 50mm (2″) thick and 480x480mm (19″x19″) in size. For custom request please contact us