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Fat Carbon Materials


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People have been using camouflage in some sort or another from the beginning of human civilization. In fact, the basic idea of camouflage comes from the natural adaptations that let animals blend in with their environment.

In our multi-directional “Black Camo” carbon fiber composite blocks and sheets, each layer is 0.09 mm thick, and they are manufactured in a 45 degrees balanced symmetrical layup. This composite can be machined using conventional techniques, ideal for the manufacture of high precision, complex geometry components, where tight tolerance, durability, and thermal stability required, also offering huge weight savings in compere with metals. And of course, an incredible shimmer, and aesthetics make it perfect not only for engineering applications but also in a field where aesthetics matter.

  • 67/33% Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Composite in a balanced layup.
  • Excellent machining properties, either with manual or CNC machine.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids, temperature (tg 120c)
  • Available in blocks up to 150mm (6″) thick and 480x480mm (19″x19″) in size. For cutoms sizes please contact us.



A lightweight, durable and high flexural strength makes it perfect for various aplications:

  • Robotics and industry. For milling and turning lightweight, durable, and dimensionally stable components.
  • Aviation and Astronautics. For milling dimensional stable parts even for harsh conditions.
  • Medical instrument and equipment. Very low thermal expansion and radiolucency allows to use it in various medical applications such as x-ray machine components.
  • Knifemaking. Excellent material for knife scales, liners, or knife handle inlays, easy to shape on a belt sander and on the CNC or manual mill/router with a carbide tool
  • Architecture & interior design. While interior designer focuses on improving the space efficiency and the functionality, the ascetics are equally important, shimmering carbon fiber sheets are great for this purpose.
    and more..

Picture: UR5e cobot tool mount