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  • fatcarbon bits and pieces of colored carbon fiber
  • Fatcarbon "Bits and Pieces"
  • Fatcarbon "Bits and Pieces"

CARBON FIBER “Bits and Pieces”


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CARBON FIBER "Bits and Pieces"

Hey there, fellow creator! Meet Fatcarbon® “Bits and Pieces” – your new best friend for crafting magic. These small colored carbon fiber blocks are like gems waiting to be woven into your next masterpiece.

Crafted from carefully sorted, cleaned, and repurposed fatcarbon® end cuts, “Bits and Pieces” embody our commitment to sustainability. Each block brings a burst of color and durability to your creations while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Whether you’re crafting knives or jewelry, these blocks are the secret ingredient that adds that extra spark to your work. And hey, if you’re not sure which material to choose, “Bits and Pieces” might just be the solution. Experiment with different colors and patterns, textures without the need to order larger sheets.

So, dive in, get creative, and let your imagination run wild.

Happy crafting with Fatcarbon® “Bits and Pieces”!


"Bits and Pieces" Specifications

  • Quantity: Each box contains 1kg of “Bits and Pieces.”
  • Size Range: 20x20mm to 40x40mm. (0.79″x0.79″ to 1.57″x1.57″)
  • Thickness Range: 3mm to 15mm. (0.12″ to 0.59″)
  • Randomly Sorted: Includes 3-6mm(0.12″-0.24″) and >6mm(>0.24″) pieces.

Ideal for:

  • Material Experimentation: Explore new techniques and push the boundaries of your craft.
  • Bead Making:  Enhance your jewelry designs with these elegant carbon fiber “bits and pieces”.
  • Pen Parts: Craft unique and stylish pen components.
  • Jewelry Crafting: Elevate your jewelry creations with the sleek and modern aesthetic of colored carbon fiber composites.
  • Knifemaking: Elevate the elegance of your custom knives with these Fatcarbon ‘bits and pieces,’ versatile for bolsters, inlays, and pocket clips.