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  • end mills for machining carbon fiber

End Mill Diamond Type

Tools for Machining Carbon Fiber, fiberglass, G10, and micarta.



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End Mill Diamond Type

Solid carbide end mills are ideal for machining fiber-reinforced composites like carbon fiber, fiberglass, G10, and micarta; our “diamond” style end mills are designed for effective roughing and profiling of abrasive composites without surface delamination. Polished flutes reduce friction and workpiece temperature, while “diamond” design and high flute count provide better chip evacuation and ramping capabilities. The “fishtail” ends, with their double flute design, produce a flat surface at the bottom of the workpiece.


Recommended for roughing operations, our solid carbide end mills have an extended lifespan, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice for carbon fiber machining.



Our recommended speeds and feeds for carbon fiber machining provide you with starting values for your operations. These values are tailored to the unique properties of carbon fiber and are based on our extensive experience in the field. By following recommendations, you can optimize your machining operations and achieve the best possible results with our solid carbide tools. Don’t let the challenges of carbon fiber machining slow you down.

Feeds and speeds for carbon fiber machining PDF