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Hey there, fellow creator! Allow me to unveil our remedy for all your creative struggles – our latest fatcarbon® carbon fiber blocks collection – the “Treasure Chest”, filled with unconventional goods for your most ambitious creative goals! 

It is fun, colorful, eccentric and the best of all – it does not fit any standards and that’s exactly what makes it so appealing. In there you can find not only well-known and trusted fatcarbon® carbon fiber blocks and sheets in unconventional sizes and thickness, but also all our avantgarde composites that were never featured on website before! 

No more headache when trying to fit your ideas into standard sizes – this collection will help you to fulfill your wildest creative dreams! Tailored for those who are unafraid to push boundaries, these fatcarbon® pieces will help you to create the most astonishing works of art. No matter if you’re a skilled pro or a passionate enthusiast, if creativity courses through your veins,  “Treasure Chest” is the perfect choice for you!

So go ahead, unlock the never-ending opportunities with fatcarbon® treasures!

Happy crafting with fatcarbon® 


Limitless ways to use

Ideal for creative minds who think outside the box, our “Treasure Chest,” brimming with carbon fiber blocks and thin sheets, is ideal for:

  • Watch case, dial, and bezel design.
  • Knife handles, pocket clips, and inlays.
  • Jewelry, from rings to pendants and beyond.
  • Pen turning and crafting writing instruments.
  • Lightweight and eye-catching EDC gear.

Follow us on Istagram @fatcarbon for more inspiration and ideas.

*Limited quantity! For bigger project opportunities with our “Treasure Chest”, contact us directly at

*Please note that some pieces may be one of a kind.

*Stock updated regularly with new items.