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CARBON FIBER “Mars Valley”

Fat Carbon Materials


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CARBON FIBER "Mars Valley"

The reddish color of our cosmic backyard neighbor – Mars – is due to the fact that it is covered in iron-oxide, which is the same element that gives our blood cells its red color. That is surely appropriate for a planet named after the Roman god of war. While being more than 54 million kilometers away, its orange valleys have continued to captivate humans since the dawn of time.

“Mars valley” carbon fiber composite, by its look similar to our “Lava flow“; however, producers will easily spot the difference in color combination. Like all Fat carbon fiber sheets, it is lightweight, high stiffness and strength, impact and corrosion resistance, dimensional stable, furthermore features an incredible aesthetic look.

  • Even look through the entire thickness
  • Excellent machining properties for milling, drilling,  grinding.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids.
  • It can be polished, painted, or lacquer coated.
  • The colored carbon fiber sheet features two colors, red and orange between each layer of carbon fiber.
  • Available in blocks up to 50mm (2″) thick and 480×480 (19″x19″) in size. For custom size contact us


Applications of Fat Carbon composite:

  • Musical instrument manufacturing and decorating. Carbon fiber offers much greater stiffness and torsional stability than conventional materials which allows making lighter and stiffer stringed instruments.
  • Knifemaking. Excellent material for knife scales, liners, or knife handle inlays, easy to shape on a belt sander and on the CNC or manual mill/router with a carbide tool
  • Architecture & interior design. While interior designer focuses on improving the space efficiency and the functionality, the ascetics are equally important, colored carbon fiber sheets are great for this purpose.
  •  Watchmaking. Watertight Fatcarbon composites are a perfect base for watch cases, which will offer not only aesthetics but also lightweight (2.1g/cm3), and durability of the lifetime.

Picture: Emmanuel Esposito – “Oculus”