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CARBON FIBER “White Storm”



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CARBON FIBER "White Storm"

“White storm” carbon fiber sheets are lightweight, highly durable and tough, not to mention impact and corrosion resistant. The two-tone white and gray color and carbon fiber shimmer effect gives this composite an incredible look.

  • Consist of many layers, which are 0,2mm thick.
  • Excellent machining properties for milling, drilling,  grinding, sanding.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids.
  • It can be polished, painted, or lacquer coated.
  • Available in blocks up to 50mm (2″) thick and thin sheets from 0,5mm, maximum size 480x480mm (19″x19″) . For custom sizes contact us.


The possibilities are endless...

  • Musical instrument manufacturing and decorating. Carbon fiber offers much greater stiffness and torsional stability than conventional materials which allows making lighter and stiffer stringed instruments.
  • Knifemaking. Excellent material for knife scales, liners, or knife handle inlays, easy to shape on a belt sander and on the CNC or manual mill/router with a carbide tool.
  • Architecture & interior design. While interior designer focuses on improving the space efficiency and the functionality, the ascetics are equally important, colored carbon fiber sheets are great for this purpose.
  • Watchmaking. Watertight fatcarbon® composites are a perfect base for watch cases, which will offer not only aesthetics but also lightweight (2.1g/cm3), and durability of the lifetime.

Picture: Simone Tonolli ST knives – “Clutch”